15 Out-of-this-World Competitions That Actually Exist

Wife Carrying Competition

By human nature, we are naturally competitive. People around the world competes in sports, food, government and economic stability. But, this list of competitions will definitely blow away the seriousness of a competition. You might probably witness these kinds of competitions in TV shows, internet or even witness it actually. This is for the benefit of those who do not know and maybe they'll have the idea that humanity has some crazy genes after all by staging these kinds of competition that are weird and awesome at the same time.

As shown in the image above, that's the Wife Carrying Competition. In Finland, this competition is held annually. Husbands get pumped up and fit the whole year in order to carry their wives along a 253.5 meter course. But wait, the obstacle course is not that easy. It’s a combination of land, water and muddy surfaces. The price for the winner is a mobile phone and of course, buckets and buckets of beer with co-competitors.

World Gurning Contest

This is the most awesome of the competitions in the list. Apparently, the person who has the ugliest face wins. Gurning competitions dates back in 1297 in the UK. Participants pull their faces and make ugly facial expressions that will leave the audience laughing hysterically. This is definitely a competition that you would want to watch after a stressful day.