Extreme Ironing

Ever get tired of ironing your wrinkled clothes. Well, these ironists do not. They post their photos online showing off some skills in ironing in very unusual places. Ironing has definitely gotten extreme in mountains, underwater, cliffs and on top of vehicles. These people are really adventurous for doing household chores in a different and cool way.

Bog Snorkeling

When you just love to get dirty and a filth-loving person, this is just the ultimate sport for you. Every year, participants of this competition should pass a 60 foot long peat bog without using the conventional strokes in swimming. Only goggles and flippers are allowed and they can only lift their heads a maximum of four times. Talking about an eewy experience, this is definitely one of those moments that will make you appreciate bath time.

Chess Boxing

Well, to make boxing more interesting, they paired the sport with chess. It was first invented in 1992 and was officially organized in 2003. It is composed of 11 alternative rounds of chess and boxing. The winner will be the one who knocks his opponent or the one who says "checkmate" to decide the match.