Bee Wearing

Well, China will not be looked down when it holds this kind of competition. Without any protective suit, just some goggles, this competition is all about carrying the most weight of bees attached on your body. This surely gives us the heebie-jeebies. The Guiness World Record holder carried around 87 pounds of bees or almost 350,000 bees on his body!

Mobile Phone Throwing

Another crazy one in Finland. Do you have an old mobile phone that's stuck in your cabinet for some time now? Give it to the competitors of Mobile Phone Throwing Competition and see how that old phone of yours fly. Competitors can either throw it in a traditional way or prepare something more creative. Of course, there are extra points for extra choreography.

Baby jumping

Yes, some people are just crazy to hold this kind of game. It is held in Spain and the celebration is called El Colacho or "the baby jumping festival." In the games, men are dressed in yellow and red and are termed to be as the devils. These men will jump over a row of up to 10 babies and we will definitely be praying that he reaches and lands on the other side of the cemented floor. To think that moms would permit their babies to be placed in the competition, this is complete insanity in the works.

Air Guitar World Championships

Just when you thought Finland could not get anymore crazier, this happened. World's top guitarists gather in Finland just to show their rocking moves on stage. The weird part is that they will do it without guitars. Take out the music and see how weird this competition is.


The name of the competition sounds cute but seriously, this is a serious game in the United Kingdom. Each player has a stick to be dropped from the bridge. Once the stick has been dropped, everyone will wait if which stick pops out first on the downstream side of the river. The first to pop out is declared as winner. Yup, this silly game is actually a serious competition.

Oil Wrestling

In Turkey, there is this kind of wrestling that needs skin to skin contact. The bodies of the competitors soaked in oil is what makes this competition interesting. The wrestling contest has been part of their traditions that dates back to 1357. This kind of wrestling is also popular in Greece and Japan.