15 Photos of Cute Babies at their Geekiest

Games be where it’s at.

When you’re a parent who’s also a geek at heart, you know you want to pass down all your knowledge about all things cool and awesome to your child at such an early age.  However, these parents have definitely taken it up several notches with their newborns, and you can already tell that they’ll make fine members of the geek community when they grow up.

Check out this baby. Look at my shiny controller. Now, THAT’s bling. Now, you wish you had that kind of bling. I can play with this baby everyday, every second of the day.

Up, up and… asleep?

This Superbaby’s not off rescuing hapless citizens just yet. He's still practicing those turns and fly-overs. Just be patient and he'll become the Superman who will NOT have any weaknesses.