The spoiled little princess…

Definitely into “IDGAF” mode for that much needed nap. Her highness is having her nap. Don't disturb or else "off with your head" is what she'll order.

Loving all the books to be read…

Awwww, she's prepping up for school. I mean those books were her favorites and you were there when she first read to you. But, she gets tired and reading those books are making her sleepy already.

Little ol’ Web-Head.

With great power comes with great responsibility. But this baby decided to sleep on the job. How could he not? It was a drowsy day at work. No crimes means no fun at all.

Let us take a Pikachu (peek at you… never mind)!

Now that’s a Pokemon diehard fan, if we haven’t seen one already. It's okay, his parent support him in his interests. Just make sure he'll get enough sleep though.

This little Snow White’s all too tired…

All those apples are just left waiting, though.  They'll be rotten by the time she's awaken. Oh, Prince, do hurry for she doesn't want to waste such fine apples for snacks.

It’s already 2015 and we’re still on “Frozen”?

Can’t we just let it go (see what we did there)? I bet that this baby chum would not remember how he dressed up as Olaf last Halloween. Well, he's still adorable with that costume.