Rooftop Garden in Denmark

It's not something only for the rich and famous, this quaint little spot looks like a Hippie's dream come true. It's also very earth friendly!

Rooftop Movies in Australia

Hoping it doesn't rain, roof top movie houses in Australia are pretty popular. More airy and very comfortable, it gives movie watching a whole new meaning.

The State Tower in Bangkok

This State building houses a luxury hotel and an even luxurious restaurant, would you want to eat dinner here?

Pool in Harbour Hotel in Hong Kong

Some people call this the “Infinity Pool”, one check and you’d understand why.

Burj Al Arab in Dubai

If you are out of the loop, they once held a Tennis championship on the very tip of this building. This is one of the world's most expensive hotels, we're not really surprised.

17. Rainbow Panorama in Denmark

A permanent installation art, you could almost feel like a human Skittles in this one!