Rooftop Soccer in Tokyo

Seems like the Japanese loves their Football as much as the rest of the world!

Hotel Joulle in Texas

So, to some of those who have a certain view of Texas… this might be something you didn’t expect. Very sleek and cool, who wouldn’t want to hang out here?

Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar in Mexico

Guys, if you want to make a good impression… book yourself a flight to Mexico and bring her here!

Sri Panwa Hotel in Thailand

Would you actually believe this is on a rooftop? It looks so refreshing too!

Rooftop Garden in Denmark

It's not something only for the rich and famous, this quaint little spot looks like a Hippie's dream come true. It's also very earth friendly!

Rooftop Movies in Australia

Hoping it doesn't rain, roof top movie houses in Australia are pretty popular. More airy and very comfortable, it gives movie watching a whole new meaning.