17 Funniest Candid Photographs of Celebs That'll Make You Scratch Your Head

Celebrities and historical figures should be mindful of their actions especially when posing in front of a camera. Just when you thought that these celebs are quite used to being photographed and are living with the paparazzi all the time, still they happen to surprise us with these not-so-like celeb pictures of theirs.

Ronald Reagan in sweatpants

How many presidents of the United States are you able to see in sweatpants? I bet this is the only moment that you get to see a president getting a lil' bit comfortable on-board in the Air Force One. Of course, he has to wear something more appropriate while he's sleeping other than a suit.

Prince Charles trying out a new job

Who says a royalty can't get down to  the beat? I'm guessing Prince Charles doesn't have a clue on what he's doing there with those buttons. So long as he's able to listen to music, his first attempt to be a DJ is already going good the first day.