14. Shaq carrying Bill Gates

Shaq looks like he's used to carry Bill Gates a lot. It's like a big brother carrying his little brother. Not trying to insinuate something, but can you see the resemblance between the two?

When Prince William decides to photobomb athletes...

Talking about refined and having manners, Prince WIlliam is anything but that in this photo. A prince turned into a photobomber is not something you see everyday.

Bill Gates takes a mugshot for driving without a license

What could have the richest persons have said with this? Oh wait, he's one of those richest dudes in the world. The good thing is he tries to put an effort to smile in his mugshot, but never again.

Albert Einstein wearing his thinking and fuzzy slippers

Who says a genius can't get enough fuzz? While doing his experiments, he's more comfortable with these fuzzy slippers walking around his house and thinking and thinking. Now we know what had happened to his falling hair.

Arnold Schwarzenneger and George Bush shared a sled together

Arnold sure had a hard time turning those reigns. I bet that the one giving directions behind him was no different. Ever since then, the two became good friends even though George can't understand what Arnold was saying.

Because Queen Elizabeth has learned that photobombing is quite fun

The two princes all learned from the best teacher, their granny the queen. It's never too late for the Queen of England to have a hobby of photobombing and she sure did share the fun with his grandkids. Talking about passing over the traditions, now you know that not only the throne is being passed.