Arnold Schwarzenneger and George Bush shared a sled together

Arnold sure had a hard time turning those reigns. I bet that the one giving directions behind him was no different. Ever since then, the two became good friends even though George can't understand what Arnold was saying.

Because Queen Elizabeth has learned that photobombing is quite fun

The two princes all learned from the best teacher, their granny the queen. It's never too late for the Queen of England to have a hobby of photobombing and she sure did share the fun with his grandkids. Talking about passing over the traditions, now you know that not only the throne is being passed.

The Dalai Lama also knows how to be funny

When he decided to leave that thing hanging on his nose, more than half of the world dropped  to the floor and laughed. The Dalai Lama sure knows how to lighten things up when asked about cures for AH1N1 virus that has been spreading across the globe.

Steve Jobs raises his middle finger to IBM

He does sure knows how to and to whom to raise his middle finger for. It's one thing to have manners but it's another thing to be insulting someone and still have manners.

Osama Binladen while he was still into judo

When he was still in those times of peace, he would just have thrown a sparring mate to the ground. But no, he decided to take down a building instead. You will have a hard time adjusting from this kind of Binladen to the terrorist that he once was.

Audrey Hepburn takes her pet deer, Ip, shopping

You thought you have seen it all but you're definitely wrong! Audrey Hepburn loved her pet deer and she showed it by taking it everywhere. Is this even allowed? Of course, it's Audrey Hepburn for crying out loud.