18 Wikipedia Pages That'll Haunt You For Life (Not for the Faint of Heart!)

As history has taught us, anything can happen anytime soon. These may range from the mundane to the truly insane & creepy. This time, we would like to focus our attention on the latter. After all, we do like to get creeped out, although a number of the pages we’ve found on Wikipedia are not just that, but also ultimately quite tragic. If you’ve got the stones to handle the morbid sadness that will come up like a nimbus cloud over your heads, read up on the following.

Iroquois Theater Fire

This was a tragic day in history. In 1903, there were 600 people who died in a fire inside a Chicago theater. However, what’s truly tragic about it is that the building was deemed safe by a fire captain who had visited just a few days before the incident took place. Oh, how sadly wrong he was.

Unit 731

There were numerous incidents during World War II that sparked controversy. Among them was Unit 731. This was a research group that had held up to 250,000 people, including children and adults in captivity. They had use their captives in all sorts of experiments in an effort to create weapons for biological warfare.