18 Wikipedia Pages That'll Haunt You For Life (Not for the Faint of Heart!)

As history has taught us, anything can happen anytime soon. These may range from the mundane to the truly insane & creepy. This time, we would like to focus our attention on the latter. After all, we do like to get creeped out, although a number of the pages we’ve found on Wikipedia are not just that, but also ultimately quite tragic. If you’ve got the stones to handle the morbid sadness that will come up like a nimbus cloud over your heads, read up on the following.

Here’s something that will truly make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. If you’ve never heard of coffin births, it’s when a pregnant woman who dies starts decomposing. Because of what takes place, abdominal gases build up. This then leads to the dead fetus in her womb being expelled.

Cotard Delusion

According to Jules Cotard, a neurologist, this is also known as “Walking Corpse” syndrome. The patient believes that they are deceased, figuratively or literally. This leads them to suffer from psychiatric depression, delusions of negation as well as self loathing. Personal hygiene and health are neglected to the point of them becoming living zombies.