21 of the Earliest Known Photographs in History

There were a lot of innovations that went on throughout time.  Many discoveries were made and technology was on its outset.  Then came along the camera, which is an instrument used to capture or record images, whether still or in motion.  The very first prelude to the introduction of this device was during Fifth Century B.C., when Mo Ti, a Chinese philosopher realized that pinholes create inverted yet focused images upon light passing through the hole and right into dark areas.  More breakthroughs were made, and over time things have gotten more advanced.  Very important photos were then taken throughout history, and below are just some of the most notable ones. 

It’s one thing to take a photo within the planet. However, when Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon, he left his own footprint. This was a photo taken by Buzz Aldrin back in 1969, during the first moon landing. This footstep will forever remain on the moon’s surface for several million years.

Back in 1887, Eadweard Muybridge had make a significant discovery. With the use of trip wires, he was able to take several photos at high speed. Compiling the photos together, he realized that he actually gave the effect of a motion picture. This was the very first instance in which such a method was utilized, and eventually progressed to what is known as high speed photography, which has the ability to capture 128 frames per second or more.

 Photography studios are all too common these days. You head down to these establishments to have a photoshoot by yourself or with your family. However, what we have here is a photo of the very first photography studio. The photographer is looking to test out his equipment and have himself be the subject.