Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel faces a huge risk to this day. It’s neighbor, Centralia, fell victim to a garbage fire which spread throughout coal tunnels underground back in 1962. It can reach all the way to Mount Carmel, and this would lead to sinkholes occurring. Apart from that, toxic gases could very well impact the population’s health for the worst.

Berkeley Pit

The Berkeley Pit had water pumps installed in order to prevent underground water from rising. This was a necessity since copper deposits were found in the area and was turned into a mine. However, the pumps were put to a halt and water started filling up the pit. The water level at this point in time is 1,000 feet deep.

The world’s biggest tsunami in the Caribbean

According to findings by Dr. Simon Day and Dr. Steven Ward, the Cumbra Vieja volcano will lead to the rise of the biggest recorded tsunami. It would travel at up to 800 kilometers an hour at a staggering height of 330 feet. It will also be one of a few tsunamis that could hit the Caribbean, as well as faraway places such as England and Florida. This is the type of stuff you’d see in movies. If it indeed does happen, you’ll be wetting your pants.


The nuclear plant Sellafield was found to release lots of radioactive waste into the Irish Sea. There have been discoveries of mutated fish, which has led researchers and scientists to conclude that it is the most radioactive body of water on the planet. The mine stores all the waste in tanks which are cooled. If the cooling system ends up failing, within 12 hours all radioactive material would be released.

Yellowstone Volcano

Nobody knows exactly when it’s going to happen. It could be now, tomorrow, in the next few years, decades or even centuries. However, Yellowstone National Park’s volcano is certain to erupt. The West Coast will be seeing an eradication of all life beyond comprehension

Asse II Mine

This was initially a salt mine that was sold to the government of Germany, turning it into a storage site for radioactive waste. Barrels of waste were stored in the mine. Leaks were said to have taken place, with radioactive brine seeping through. The government denied all of this until 2008. To this day, there is still no surefire solution to the prevention of contamination and leaking.