Yellowstone Volcano

Nobody knows exactly when it’s going to happen. It could be now, tomorrow, in the next few years, decades or even centuries. However, Yellowstone National Park’s volcano is certain to erupt. The West Coast will be seeing an eradication of all life beyond comprehension

Asse II Mine

This was initially a salt mine that was sold to the government of Germany, turning it into a storage site for radioactive waste. Barrels of waste were stored in the mine. Leaks were said to have taken place, with radioactive brine seeping through. The government denied all of this until 2008. To this day, there is still no surefire solution to the prevention of contamination and leaking.

The “Big One”

There is a pretty big chance California will end up experiencing an earthquake with a pretty high magnitude. At least that’s what the US Geological Survey says. With this being dubbed “The Big One”, it could be the mother of all earthquakes, one so devastating that it will leave the entire state at such a huge loss. Odds are increasing by the year, so people should get ready.

Heat Waves

Heat waves are known to kill a lot of people every year, with them suffering from massive heat strokes. With global warming being such a huge problem these days in climate change, the heat waves could gradually increase in number. People are going to suffer skin conditions, water would eventually dry up and overpopulated urban areas are going to get a stick up the butt. Time to stock up on supplies and build underground shelters with cooling systems then.


The landslide that took place in Abi Barik Village was an unprecedented one. Seeing this photo can be quite horrifying especially with all the people living in those houses. Truth be told, 700 families end up getting displaced, and over hundreds of villagers were killed. Should this happen again, the damage would be catastrophic.

Mt. Fuji Eruption

There is a chance that any volcano in Japan can erupt at any given moment. With the Japan Meteorological Agency monitoring any volcanic activity, the research could very well be accurate and should give plenty of reason for the country to take heed of its warnings. Mt. Fuji is bound to unleash its wrath yet again. Take cover or get the heck out of there.