Spending the night together?

This looks like a nice loft to reside in when you and your loved one just want some quality time together. Located in the woods, you'll have each other's company to appreciate and nothing more. Get away from the busy cityscape and just indulge in the loving embrace of your lover. This could be all the two of you would ever need in life.

Tiny house on a tiny island.

Ever wanted to have your very own island? Here's the closest thing you can come to. It's even got a small house right on top of it. However, you will want to keep a boat close by. After all, it's the only way for you to reach the mainland.

Small but practical.

Here's another tiny home that you'd probably be amazed by. It's got enough space to give you comfort, yet it's also small enough so you can bring it anywhere you wish. All that's lacking is an RV and you're off to go living life out on the open road. You can opt for a paint job with this, but we think the wooden tiles give it a bit of an earthy and rustic vibe.

All that you'll ever need.

This looks like something out of the 50's. The aesthetic certainly looks quite pleasing, but it's what's inside that will really cater to your simplistic needs. You've got two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and even a living room. How cool is that?

The bare necessities.

Check this out; you've got a small tub outside the house. How vintage can you get? It's also a pretty small space that manages to squeeze as much as possible inside. The roof is slanted in order to ensure that cleaning up after the winter is much easier than it ought to be. You've also got a chimney to keep you warm during those cold nights.

A schoolbus for a home.

This isn't something you would see every day. A once-functional school bus has been converted into a livable space. That's enough innovation for anyone to handle, don't you think? Other than that, it looks pretty traditional, especially with the tiling and the window sills.