That's pretty minimalist.

Built by Derek Diedricksen, this was actually featured in The New York Times.  Known as the “Gypsy Junker”, it’s made from kitchen cabinets that were discarded, shipping pallets and storm windows no longer in use.  At just a price of $1200, this is a great deal for people who want to live the simple life.

Wooden Brick Mushrooms?

These definitely remind us of the houses in the Shire. That is, if you've even seen the Lord of the Rings movies. They are almost nautical in design, despite being made out of wooden tiles and cement. With this home, two rooms are all that you'll ever need in your life.

Here's your little house on the prairie.

Looking at it, it seems quite cozy. You won't be putting that lifesaver to any use, though, since it's just decoration. Visually speaking, it's a great blend of colors and materials that serve well to contrast and complement each other. It even has a porch, and you know that's always a necessity.

Keeping with tradition.

This actually reminds us of a dollhouse. The way the whole thing is built is just too classy to ignore. It looks like something that was built at the turn of the century. However, the interiors offer a bathroom, a bedroom, a kitchen and even living space. How nifty is that?

How futuristic can you get?

Here's another tiny home which resembles a small pod. What's interesting about it is that it offers what is practically a bedroom and a living room all in one. If you've got a bigger house to live in nearby, this just might be a great option for a guest house. On its own, though, it leaves quite a bit to be desired.

Welcome to 2015.

This seems like it belongs in a dystopian future, doesn't it? No lavish design, just a basic square shape colored in black. Sure, it may seem unusual compared to other housing options, but trust us when we say that it's pretty freaking cozy. It's got 8 rooms, with each one being inside each box.