Find the Best Malware Protection Software for your Computer

If you have ever had your computer suddenly freeze up, get stuck on booting up or get bombarded with strange pop-up ads, you know these awful signs of a computer that has just been infected by a virus. Computer viruses are more prevalent than ever before and can infect myriads of devices from tablets to laptops to regular desktop computers, but the best malware removal will save the day. Getting rid of computer viruses can be time consuming and costly. You could bring your infected device to a reputable computer repair place and pay hundreds of dollars just to wait four or five days for your computer to be returned to you in good working condition. These hassles can be eliminated by installing the best malware protection software possible before your computer can become vulnerable.

It is not that hard to get this type of software. Most of the major makers of good malware protection software like McAfee and Norton offer affordable and simple to install programs. Companies like Avast offer free programs that users can download online in a matter of minutes to scan and protect computer hardware. The biggest problem is choosing the best possible malware protection software. A quick read of some of the major PC magazines and forums online will reveal many malware protection programs that lots of people have used to restore their computers to health after suffering viruses. Many times, however, the free versions will cause different problems for PC users who use Windows.

For instance, a download might wipe the offending virus or malware off the computer. Unfortunately, it also causes the operating system to stop booting up properly. Experienced computer users can often find a way to fix these problems by researching errors and computer logs that they are getting on search engines. Most ordinary users, though, have no idea how to do things like this and wind up bringing their device or computer to a repair shop only to spend hundreds of dollars to get their computer fixed. Choosing the best malware protection software should be a priority whenever getting a new computer. At the very least, the computer will be protected from malware right from the start and will allow the user to enjoy a good deal of trouble-free operation for years. That is one of the main benefits of getting this software, but some programs will also automatically scan any websites a user visits or will do a check of all e-mails as they come in and alert that user if any threats are detected.

One of the best free options recommended by top PC authorities is Malwarebytes Anti Malware. This free software is easy to download and install. Norton Internet Security is also highly recommended and free. Avast makes a free and very simple to install program. This is great for novice PC users because it loads up with all the necessary protection upon download including adding a handy toolbar to monitor use after download. Top free versions are great but for the best protection always consider buying the maker’s low-cost paid malware protection software for more robust protection.