Cake in my eye!

There’s nothing better for babies than to have cake. It would definitely satisfy their growing sweet tooth. Yeah, you’d think that would be the case, but even some babies don’t like messing around with food.

Someone's not so happy about her Halloween costume

We just can’t help but smile at the photo on the left. Seeing a baby inside a pumpkin suit is just truly adorable. At the same time, it could also cause discomfort, as seen on the right.

One more peek-a-boo, and I'll f*#2!*%

Hello there, little guy! Do you want to play a bit of peekaboo while we take your picture? Just don’t turn out grumpy like the other baby, okay?

Adorably not cooperating

Seeing babies fast asleep with oversized glasses just adds to the cuteness of it all. However, you got to take as many photos as possible of such a tender moment. Otherwise, you’d have to deal with all the screaming and crying.

Errr help?

We never thought that babies hanging down on small nets would look so cute. The guy on the left is treating it like his own comfy crib. The baby on the right looks like he just got attacked by Spider-man.


Gumballs aren’t always great add-ons for baby photoshoots Just ask the baby on the right. Clearly, you have no idea how much hard work has to be put into executing a photo as perfect as the one on the left.