When the older sibling doesn't cooperate

It sure is nice to see your young daughter be appreciative of having a little sister coming her way soon. Pregnancy is indeed a beautiful thing. For the little girl on the right, it’s a perfect subject for satire.

She's so happy!

Babies need to be constantly entertained to keep them smiling with joy. Otherwise, reality would definitely sink in and you’d have a hard time dealing with them during photoshoots. And then the lack of cooperation and crying starts…

Face sandwich

There’s nothing more beautiful than capturing the love of the parents for their children. It makes for such a heartwarming photo. However, some babies just don’t want to deal with that and proceed with tantrums.

Ho Ho Ho? More like yum yum yum!

We definitely love seeing babies happy during Christmas. It just enlivens the whole spirit of the season. However, the babies in the bottom picture just want to chew on the décor, which is undoubtedly a bad idea.

Cake in my eye!

There’s nothing better for babies than to have cake. It would definitely satisfy their growing sweet tooth. Yeah, you’d think that would be the case, but even some babies don’t like messing around with food.

Someone's not so happy about her Halloween costume

We just can’t help but smile at the photo on the left. Seeing a baby inside a pumpkin suit is just truly adorable. At the same time, it could also cause discomfort, as seen on the right.