15 Funniest Game of Thrones Memes That Only Fans Can Understand

Is it just me, or your mouth also dropped when you reached this part.

Let's face it! HBO's Game of Thrones is one of its finest work yet. We love and have loved George Martin's characters. We have been witnesses to their incestuous romantic drama, their adventurous huntings, and of course the heartbreaking, shocking and sometimes gruesome deaths. When will the killing finally stop?! It would not spoil you if I say it will never happen because "All men must die." But, we will not die of watching the show, rather we will really die if we miss an episode.

That moment when you can’t take off your eyes from the TV. That moment when you shrieked WTF while your parents were there. That moment when you suddenly can’t believe what had just happened. That moment when you want to kill George Martin yourself for killing every hero of the story.

Hey! Don't be wrong about that booboo.

Even a man has a weakness. Well, a booboo isn't just a booboo. To understand better, talk to Khal Drogo and ask if you could switch places.