I demand a ransom money in exchange for your dragons, Khaleesi.

When you see them, please contact right away. You don't want to be burned, do you? Better call Jorah right away before he's banished or you'll have to take care of the dragons yourself.

Guess who's been FRIENDZONED!

Finally, a summary of the deaths in GOT.

Rest in peace, characters that were not significant after all. We just wasted our cheers and hatred for you all. In the end, ALL MEN MUST DIE!

He doesn't care at all. Why should he? He's the writer, and we're only the watchers/readers.

His fans are as many as his haters. Well, he's pretty cruel to kill all those hopeful heroes. I can't even imagine the risk that he's taking in getting them out of the story.

Reality bites. You just have to grow up faster.

Imagine when this Taylor Swift becomes part of the OST of GOT. Nope, can't imagine it. Anyways, we feel for the Starks. They're the most butchered family ever in the history of TV shows.

That's why it's AWESOME!

It started with a story that moved everyone on their seats, and I mean literally. I cannot agree more with this. GOT is the most awaited TV series of all time. Way to go HBO!