Kids Who Slayed at this Year’s Halloween

Kid porcupine.

Halloween is over, but it's been the best so far -- in terms of costumes that is. So, you think the kids can’t hang with the grownups as far as Halloween costumes are concerned, huh?  Don’t be too sure, because these little ones are sure to impress the hell out of you.  Yes, we mean that entirely.   After all, parents will want to dress up their children in the most awesome costumes possible and give them the spotlight.  You would too if you were a parent.  Nonetheless, may these kids rock your socks off with their awesome threads.

See this cute porcupine? Touch him and you’ll get pricked. Seriously, though, this is pretty off-the-rails as far as costumes are concerned, and we love it so much. Be careful, though, little guy. You’re out on the open road and porcupines don’t do well in such environments.

Not the hero we need right now.

This is probably a very iconic moment in the life of the comic book hero Batman. It could certainly work to great effect as a Halloween diorama. Parents like these two are certainly cool to have around. The baby’s already set to become the Caped Crusader, though.