Look, it’s Chuckie!

A lot of us grew up watching the Rugrats. It was one of our favorite cartoons on Nickelodeon. Hence, you’d have to imagine our glee when we saw this. Kid’s got the look down for sure.

Not your regular science project.

How often do you get to see a kid dressed up as a head in a jar? Not very, we’d assume. Hence, we just have to call this one out for utter brilliance. You know what would’ve been good, though? Bringing a shelf along to sit down on.

Time to cut the shrubs.

Edward Scissorhands is one of the most iconic characters in the history of movies. A modern-day Frankenstein for the emo and goth generations, he certainly stood out with this overall look. Hence, why not give your child the chance to exhibit that same kind of coolness? This one’s loving every minute of wearing that black leather and the scissorhand gloves.

When the only way to go is Up.

Aww, isn’t this adorable? You have Russell and Carl Frederickson from the movie “Up” as portrayed by these cute toddlers. That’s just making us blush nonstop. Probably a case of the Benjamin Button disease for good ol’ Carl there, though, eh?

An R&B icon.

Who doesn’t love Erykah Badu? She was one of the finest voices of R&B during her heyday. Of course, only the coolest parents would dress their little girls like Erykah. Needless to say, this little lady’s got it all covered in spades.

An immortal figure in the world of art.

Frida Kahlo was one of the most prolific painters in Mexico during her time. She was known for herself portraits, as well as being married to Diego Rivera. If you were brought up in a family of artists, we salute you, young girl. You certainly can work that unibrow.