I got my eyes on you.

Okay, this kid wins the swag game hands down. It’s freakin’ Drake, guys. How can you not love that? Besides, our boy right here’s got the confidence and the threads down pat, and you know you’re loving it.

First Kids.

When you’re dressed as the President and his First Lady during Halloween, that’s cool. When you’re two kids doing the same time, it’s even cooler. They even got the expressions and the gestures right. Oh yes, could this be our next political candidate in the next couple of years?

Not someone you want to be a part of your world.

Little girls everywhere want to be Ariel, the Little Mermaid. This one, however, makes a rather out-of-the-box choice. Why prettify yourself all the time when you can just be Ursula? Oh yes, we sense she’s going to be a natural villain we she grows up.

A slice off the big pie.

Well, isn’t that appropriate? We got to hand it to the mom, though. She certainly knows how to play along. Besides, this costume is just way too meta and existential for us to ignore.

Look, it’s Chuckie!

A lot of us grew up watching the Rugrats. It was one of our favorite cartoons on Nickelodeon. Hence, you’d have to imagine our glee when we saw this. Kid’s got the look down for sure.

Not your regular science project.

How often do you get to see a kid dressed up as a head in a jar? Not very, we’d assume. Hence, we just have to call this one out for utter brilliance. You know what would’ve been good, though? Bringing a shelf along to sit down on.