10 Toothless Celebs that Really Need their Dents On

Beyonce without teeth! It’s almost like granny asking for her prune juice!

Photoshop can be such a good thing, through its many features it may help redefine who you are and make you feel good- even for just a few moments. And then… there’s the other side to it, if you can make it look good… You can also make it look bad. A bunch of Photoshop wizards had a little too much time on their hands recently, and we’re not sure if we hate what they did to these stars… or if we love them.

Note: These 10 photos just prove that no one is ever good-looking without teeth! Or are these celebs exempted?

Oh Adam… you are Driving us crazy with that grandpa smile of yours- can you please pop back the dentures?

Nobody’s having sex in the cities with these toothless coops… Imagine having someone who looks like your grandmother demanding that from you? It kind of puts you on the bend about the whole thing