The Best Halloween Costumes of 2015

Grafitti Man

People can certainly have some crazy ideas.  That goes the same for Halloween costumes.  Heck, you may be tired of the same old superhero crap.  Maybe you’d like to put a whole new spin on things for next year?  We’re also pretty sure you’d be taking a lot of hints with these guys, who certainly rocked it and made quite the impression on us.  Talk about such brilliance, huh?

This is the sort of stuff that you’d see on walls everywhere. It’s a shock that even with its prominence everywhere, this design has not been implemented into an actual costume idea until now. Therefore, we say kudos to this guy. He certainly took a rather welcome direction for Halloween.

The kind of slip that’s appreciated.

We just have to love people who think out of the box. We feel the same for this lady right here. No, it’s not because we think she’s pretty attractive. We just think she knows a Freudian Slip if she saw one.