Works of art.

Well, what else can be said about this? It’s just exquisite and captured to perfection. How can you not resist to go out for Halloween as the Girl with the Pearl Earring and the Mona Lisa? This artsy two-some certainly did so, and are doing it in style.

Well, the ceiling definitely can’t hold you.

We’re not fans of the musical group Mackelmore. We think they’re pretty horrendous commercial fluff. However, we have to give this guy credit for putting a spin on it. Who cares about Mackelmore when you got Mackerelmore.

Wow, mind blown.

We never would have guessed it. You see, sometimes ideas go over our head. We have to admit that. It’s great what the internet can do though, right? Such a ‘blessing in disguise.” *ahem*

The hot couple.

We wouldn’t have the guts to pull this off, but I’ll be damned. These two just made it work. It sure does help they got the appropriate costumes for it too. Congratulations, you’re both spicy hot.

How intolerant can you get?

Well, we’re not trying to preach to the choir here. Everyone’s got their own quirks. If you don’t like dairy and milk products, that’s fine. We understand if you’re totally Lactose intolerant.

Care for a drink?

When your pet puppy’s enjoying the nipping and biting into their bodies a bit, you have to bowl a dish around it. That way, they won’t have to fidget around so much. Yet, we never thought that it can easily be turned into an awesome costume idea. Shaken, not stirred, perhaps?